Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hand Knit Coasters

Only one hour projects.  I enjoy making coasters. They are so cute and useful.  I have been trying to making them a little bit bigger than originally thought.  Next auction coming soon again on ebay. 

God Sent Special things our way

Here is the outline of Precious Moments series.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Now selling

Hand Knit Infinity Scarf for $3.50 plus shipping now at ebay.com  35 inches long and circular

Its great for cold days and good for gifts or just for yourself.  Check it out now at ebay.com for $3.50 plus shipping. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Selling Now On E-bay

Hi everyone,  I am now selling some items on E-bay.com  If anyone interested in buying dish cloths please check out my stuff at E-bay.

You can find me under the title Bracelets4me_3  or you can search for Hand Knitted Dish Cloth.  I have all kinds of color dishcloths up for sale.  You can buy with confidence. They make great gifts and they are useful around the house.  Thank you for looking at my blogspot and thank you for taking time to look me up now at E-bay.com  Enjoy

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Selling now on ebay

If anyone is interested in checking out some dishcloths for sale, you can now find me on ebay.  Be careful how you search. You can find some items under the title Hand Knit Infinity Scarf.  This one is a deep green.  Thank you for stopping by. Have great time looking!

Hand knitted Coasters


It takes only one hour to make.  So in a day you can make a lot of these in one day.  I had fun making them. 

Coasters are ideal for your favorite mugs or cups or glasses.  Can be used at anytime of the year.  They are good for everyday project in all types of yarn.  Best choice of yarn is red heart yarn. So good the quality, of hand made knitted coasters.

Infinity Scarfs

I have been making infinity scarfs now.  I was bored one day and need a new/old idea to keep myself from staring at the wall into nothing.  While doing that I had a thought of why not make infinity scarfs?  Scarfs are excellent way to keep warm during the winter months and they make great gifts.  Or for yourself.  They usually take me; one month to make because of the distractions around the house or playing with the dog.  I will be listing this one for sell on ebay if anyone interested in buying. You can now find this scarf listed for sale on ebay.com.  Look for Hand Knit Infinity Scarf.

Friday, January 6, 2017

If you are interested in buying this dishcloth it is up for sale on ebay.com.  You can find it under the title "Royal blue multi-use cloth hand-knit."  These dishcloths can be use as vase holders or for potpourri holders.  Not just wiping off the counter with water spots on them.  They can be machine wash.  But to make it last longer hand wash them in cold water and hang dry. 
My first double crochet scarf

This is a one week project to do.  There was just too many distractions and it took too long to work on.  I am learning a lot about the crochet world and weaving now.  But I have been crochet and knitting for 15 years now.